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Photos: A visit to 9 of Wyoming's historic hotels
If you're looking for a place to hang your hat -- and relive a bit of Wyoming's history -- here are some of the state's oldest hotels where modern comfort meets Old West charm.
A look back at the 2012 fire that swept across Casper Mountain
Started Sept. 9, 2012 by unknown human activity, the Sheep Herder Hill Fire eventually burned more than 15,500 acres and destroyed 37 homes and cabins on Casper Mountain. As of 2017, it ranked among the top five largest Wyoming wildfires…
Energy Journal: A podcast on energy in the West
The definitive podcast on the energy industry in Wyoming and the West, brought to you by the Casper Star-Tribune.
40 signs you might be from Wyoming
Unsure if you're from the Cowboy State? Here are a few clues Wyoming might be home.
Photos: On this remote Wyoming mountainside, grizzlies feast on moths
During the 1980s, researchers discovered that grizzly bears were feeding on tiny moths on remote mountainsides in Wyoming and Montana. Army cutworm moths migrate from the Midwest each summer to feed on alpine flowers, and in turn become food for…
Lukewarm reviews of Devils Tower National Monument
Not everyone is impressed by Wyoming's natural wonders. Here’s a selection of less-than-enthusiastic reviews of Devils Tower posted on Yelp, Google and TripAdvisor.

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